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Our Story

We are Andrea Victory and Angela Victory. We are sisters, Irish Newfoundlanders born and raised in Newfoundland currently living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Our design backgrounds are myriad and untraditional. We've come to do what we do in an unhurried, thoughtful way. Like driving a beautiful car through winding vistas, our educations in photography and beauty gave us a fundamental understanding of light and colour, and our interests in the domestic arts of living well at home energize us to create spaces where life can be lived more fully.

The places we've lived, the environments, weather, light, people, inform our ethos and style. We believe home is something to be felt, embraced, that it can be studied and deliberate and designed, but is best when there is beauty and soul.

A Love of Textiles, an eye for shape, texture, colour

The Coziest Winter Vibes

Our winter blanket collection is ideal for snuggles, cuddles, and lazy weekends at home.
Choose from colours inspired by the best of BC nature: Cedar Green, Blackberry, Winter Sky, and the classic Macgee Winter Blues Houndstooth.


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