VAVAVA draws on playfulness for inspiration. We think it brings about va va voom and la la la vibes; it's a sound, it's a vibration, it's discovery, connection and comfort.

There is a story inside all of us, one that connects then to now.

We are Andrea Victory and Angela Victory. We are two of three sisters, Irish Newfoundlanders born and raised in Newfoundland currently living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. 

When we were little girls our Mom was a knitwear designer creating the most delightful and original sweaters you ever did see. She worked in our living room on a set of Brother knitting machines and we sat underneath the winding spools flicking through catalogs begging her to knit us ridiculous sweaters and Barbie clothes, to which she always obliged.

But despite her talent, her love of creating, and her exceptional designs, in the pre-internet and online shop days, making a living making beautiful things fell just out of reach. The injustice of her art and the business world colliding has always lingered with us. We've carried with us this sense of possibility, the knowledge in our hearts that creating a place where makers can make and sell and earn and live well was something we should do.

Who knew after 30 years, long after the Barbies were gifted away, we'd wind up casting our dream on the opposite side of the country, enamoured with the process of creating something glorious and supporting those that do it well.

We Are Andrea Victory & Angela Victory

Who are WE?

We've been lucky to hold in our hearts and minds a reverence for art and an appreciation of craft, and we see that art and craft are so much more than us. They are the skill and patience and passion of Pam, the hard work of farmers and harvesters and spinners and dyers of the organic cottons and small batch wools we are so lucky to use. It is the designs of the many people who have come before us, the engineers and builders of the vintage looms, and the women that knit, that created, that made by hand the cloth that kept families and communities clothed and warm. 

Our shop is a tribute to our working women ancestors and to women everywhere that have held skills and craft as a livelihood and to learn and live and grow their families and communities. It's an ode to our Mom, Betty, our Nan, Mary, our Great Grandma, Della. Our matriarchs held a skill passed on that almost didn't quite survive; a network of art, design, and connection that we hope in our hearts to bring back to the world in the most vibrant and refreshing way. We all need more of that now. 

Thanks Mom, for knitting the pink and purple threads that metamorphosed into our creative veins. We hope to do right by you, to create, to find beauty in the world and give it a haven in an exquisite marketplace.

All the VAVAVA

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